About Us and Giving Back

Raindrops Resort loves animals and we are giving back! A portion of our annual profits goes to a variety of non-profit organizations that have principles aligned with our own: respect, protect and provide.

  • Those who are seeking to find forever homes for dogs and cats and end the killing--Best Friends Animal Society
  • Those who are helping to preserve not only endangered species but also all wild animals whose numbers are dwindling--International Fund for Animal Welfare
  • We love this planet and all living, breathing creatures on it and we need to conserve their environment because we do not want to imagine a world with little or no elephants, bison, sea turtles or tigers--Yellowstone Buffalo Foundation

We see a human personality in all animals and with a little imagination, we picture them in people attire that matches those over-sized personalities. Raindrops Resort creates amazing works of art on t-shirts offering individuals and stores the unique opportunity for custom goods created especially for them. This is unlike anything you have ever seen before. We desire to see smiles on every face when they relate to our animal friends and decide to adopt one and take one home and you will be helping to save those suffering creatures here at home and worldwide.

All of our products are assembled in the USA, with patches that are cut, dyed and stitched in house, right in our factory in Downers Grove, IL. These images will never fade, crack or peel and are totally soft to the touch. All of our garments are moisture wicking, making them cool and easy to wear.

Raindrops Resort thanks you for all of your support!